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Yaakov Bressler: Solace in the Margins

An exhibition of selected pen & ink drawings from Nov 15 – Jan 18, 2012

Closing Reception with the Artist
Saturday Night, January 12 from 7pm-9pm

What is Fire?, Pen & Ink on Paper, 9x12

According to Yaakov Bressler, good ideas either hit you like a ton of bricks, or come slowly. "They can develop in your head for days," he says, "weeks and sometimes even years. The art displayed in Solace in the Margins was created from slowly developed ideas. People’s everyday actions are beautiful, complex and intriguing. It is just that we’re so used to seeing them that we pay them no attention. Our jobs, clutters and discomforts may appear as unforgiving toil, but, if presented from a different perspective, it may dawn slowly upon the viewer how complex and profound our ordinary habits and tasks are."

The show, Solace in the Margins, offers that perspective from an introspective outlook. Bressler asks,"How many times do we wait for a train while groaning, or drop an ice cream cone on the floor while crying, or clean up our messes while complaining. These menial habits are not as insignificant as they seem. They tell us where on the Globe we are, what place in history we live in and most of all what type of people we are. Let the artwork take you to that perspective. Let it enflame introspection. Let it carry you throughout your ordinary day. And it will show you how unique it really is."

Read more about the artist and his work on our exhibitions page.

Watch the video retrospective of our first exhibition's
artists' reception held on January 31st, 2010:

Read the Inaugural Exhibition booklet in PDF form here