"Boy of a Girl?"

June 30-August 4, 2011

Brooklyn Art Festival 2011

March 10-May 15

Small Works 2010

December 9-January 3

Art of the African Diaspora

October 28-January 3, 2010

Judiasm: Then and Now

June 14-July 16, 2010

Brooklyn: Local Perspectives

April 22-May 24, 2010

Inaugural Exhibition: Works by Brooklyn Artists

January 18-March 22, 2010

Boy or a Girl?

curated by Esther J. Chung @ Z Space Gallery from June 30th, Thursday through August 4th, Thursday

"Boy or a Girl?" at Z Space Gallery was a visual discourse on receiving a gender role with artworks by Kelly Savage and Esther J. Chung.

Kelly Savage is a community artist who believes in preserving humanity in the arts. She is one of the founders of "Subject To Change", an artist collective that is founded on the basis of activism, community, and art; a member of the visual arts collective at ABC No Rio and an artist assistant to Jacob Hashimoto. Kelly Savage currently attends school, lives and works in Brooklyn.

Esther J. Chung is a feminist artist who recently graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Fine Arts. Her work embodies social and feminist issues like the idea of "beauty" and gender roles. In the past year her work has been exhibited in Easton, PA and Brooklyn, New York . She currently resides in Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN ART FESTIVAL 2011 was at Z Space Gallery between March 10th and May 15th

In the Spring of 2010, Z Space Gallery presented a group exhibition by 17 local artists entitled Brooklyn Art Festival 2011 (March 10th through May 15th). On exhibit were 32 paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures that served as a sampling of art being created in Brooklyn today.

The flood of responses we got from all corners of the borough to our open call for entry were whittled down to the 32 best artworks submitted, and because no restrictions of medium, style or theme were in the call, gallery goers were able to see a widely varied collection of work bound only by their local origin. The range of style by this show’s photographers was great, from Mel Levine’s stunning work for Time and Sports Illustrated to Murray Melnick’s vintage, poetic black & white work to Trevor Brown’s macro compositions that find the beauty and color in the detritus of urban decay. Abstract art was also well represented by Mary Robertson’s geometric impasto work and by the delicate surrealism seen in works by S.V. Martin and Ekaterine Merabishvili. Also on exhibit were work by renowned impressionist watercolorist Ellen Hoyt and realist acrylic painter Jonas Mlenak.

Artists presented in this exhibition were Trevor Brown, Ellen Stewart Fleishman, Pamela Hope, Ellen Hoyt, Scott Kanner, Kathy Levine, Mel Levine, S.V. Martin, Murray Melnick, Ekaterine Merabishvili, Jonas Mlenak, Leslee Ostrow, Mary Robertson, Victoria Silverstein and Melinda Torres

On May 12th and 15th, Z Space hosted Meet the Artist events. Below are two lists of the artists in the show and on which night they were honored:

Thursday, May 12th

Sunday, May 15th

Pamela Hope

Trevor Brown

Ellen Hoyt

Ellen Stewart Fleishman

Mel Levine

Scott Kanner

Jonas Mlenak

Kathy Levine

Mary Robertson

S. V. Martin

Victoria Silverstein

Murray Melnick

Melinda Torres

Ekaterine Merabishvili

Jessica Vaiselberg

Sarah Nussbaum


Leslee Ostrow

Click on the artists' names above to see their works and to read more about them.

2010 Exhibitions:

Thursday, December 16th was our Meet the Artists/
First Anniversary Shindig

Thursday, December 16th. 2010 from 6-8pm Celebrated a year of Z Space while we raise a glass to talented local artists with other lovers of fine art. Gallery-goers experienced the two concurrent art shows, including the mesmerizing Small Works show, and enjoyed refreshments, music and a raffle for a new artist's work station including chair, adjustable drawing table and lamp! We're thankful the community embraced us by coming together for local art.

Small Works 2010

Exhibition dates: December 9th through January 3rd, 2010

Z Space Gallery’s “Small Works 2010” Art Exhibition & Sale featured a wide variety of original, framed or ready-to hang art less than 100 square inches in size, with most priced below $200. The exhibition ran from December 9th through January 3rd, 2011. A “Meet the Artists” Reception on Thursday, December 16th (6-8pm) was held featuring complimentary coffee, tea and sweets.

14 local artists offered work in a variety of media and styles including paintings both impressionist and abstract, drawings, multimedia and fine art prints on paper, and both artistic and commercial photography - these small works were perfect for giving that holiday season or as special treats for the art collector in all of us. With the popularity of art on the small scale reaching new heights, Small Works 2010 was a show designed to entice customers to give the ultimate gift of original artwork as well as to purchase a treasure for themselves, all the while helping to support the local arts scene. Gallery Co-Director Irvin Stafford said, “We believe that with this exhibition of artwork varying in style, media, and subject matter, it’s the perfect opportunity to find thoughtful, unique, and affordable gifts this holiday season.”

Featured artists included Brocha Teichman, an impressionist oil painter who’s recently been painting scenes of Upstate New York. Z Space was proud to show 6 small, affordable works from her ‘Down Country Roads’ Series. Also featured was Mel Levine, the recently retired photographer for Time and Sports Illustrated who now produces personal visions of New York City. In this show, Mel also offered his photo of the World Trade Center memorial “Towers of Light”, a photo that was used for the cover of Time Magazine, September 2002. Other artists included Ellen Hoyt (watercolor), Meghan Keane (monotype), Murray Melnick (photography), Camille Laoang (multimedia), Sarah Nussbaum (acrylic), Rachel Rankin (pastel), and Victoria Silverstein (acrylic).

This was the fifth group exhibition to be juried by Z Space co-directors Zelda Weiss, Irvin Stafford and Jack Franco. Art of the African Diaspora ran concurrently with Small Works 2010 until January 3rd, 2011. Z Space Gallery put on this small works exhibition as a way to allow potential art collectors to get their feet wet and buy that first piece that starts their collection, to provide perfect additions for those with growing collections, and to let its patrons give the gift of original art for the holidays.

Z Space Gallery brought to Brooklyn the long anticipated Art of the African Diaspora. This second exhibition of the Cultures in America series celebrated the vitality and spirit of the African culture as it spread throughout the western world, especially to the West Indies. This show featured artists from the New York area’s vibrant West Indian community as well as artists born and bred in New York, and even two artists who moved directly from Africa to Brooklyn. Using the medium of art, they convey emotions and experiences unique to their shared ancestral heritage, and that gave Brooklyn an exciting opportunity to absorb these emotions and experiences, to come together with their neighbors and friends in a spirit of true understanding and fellowship.

The paintings, drawings, prints and three dimensional work seen there all exhibited an unmistakable boldness, whether of line, color or texture, and while the African artists tended to create art to keep alive the cultural traditions they left behind, the West Indian artists tended to use their heritage as visual vocabulary to express their own personal past and present. And the brilliant photographers showed us through their eyes what the African diaspora in America means to them in compelling ways.


June 14th through July 16th

Opening Reception on Monday, June 14th from 6-8pm

Z Space Gallery held its first Cultures in America series of art exhibits, Judaism: Then & Now. It focused on the oldest extant religion in the world, an indespensible and vibrant part of our Brooklyn community. It was a group exhibit of Judaic art created by Brooklyn artists depicting Judaism's ancient architecture, landmarks, and traditions, as well as scenes of modern Jewish life and traditions passed down through the generations, together spanning millennia of history, culture, perseverance and faith. As these works show, it's a religion that's always growing but never changing.

In Brocha Teichman’s Kikar Shabbos, the jeans clad Israeli plasters posters on ancient stones. Just as old man and young girl meet in Esti Kiss’ The Old City, new style collides with ancient ritual in Anshie Kagan’s iPray. Tzivi Weinraub’s In the Old City is softly lit with electric lights while Marc Kruter’s pieces are new and innovative treatments of revered modern day Rabbis and an ancient synagogue. In Leslee Ostrow’s Eternal Lights the fire burns and its warmth continues to glow in the hearts of Jewish children, just as the small flask of oil continued to burn in the days of the Maccabees and Jessica Shulman’s Greeting the New Year would have been as relevant 500 years ago as it is today.

Free Painting Demonstration by Brocha Teichman on Tuesday, June 22

Brocha Teichman demonstrated her technique of palette knife painting at the gallery on Tuesday, June 22. Her most recent work (such as Jerusalem Old City) is painted with a knife, giving it the sculptural quality of a fresco, a mosaic of un-poluted color in which the artist's hand is plain to see. She demonstrated how to apply paint with a knife, as well as how easy it is to fix mistakes in knife painting. Attendees were left inspired by the dynamic results that appeared before their very eyes. Thanks to everyone who came.

Left to Right: Meier Sharim by Mel Levine, The Kotel by Esti Kiss, and New Parents by Brocha Teichman

To look back at the exhibition, you can now read the show booklet as a PDF here.


April 22th through May 24th

Z Space Gallery presented a group exhibit of Brooklyn themed art that included works by 14 local artists who work primarily in painting and photography, artists who reassure us that Brooklyn's art scene is alive, well and has plenty to say about its home.

Though their styles, media and subject matter are very different, each artist's unique vision of Brooklyn is added to the show's whole just as Brooklyn's imigrants have always contributed to its diversity and vitality. These works show us new ways to see our home and new reasons to have pride in its culture of creativity. The common element in this diverse group is their love for the borough they live in, a love that comes shining through their work.

Realist painters Jonas Mlenak and Brocha Teichman can bring us to very specific places with their mastery of light and color, exemplified by Mlenak's precision rendering of a deli's neon sign and the reflections in a rain soaked street, and by Teichman's palette knife as it lays heavy loads of snow on bending tree boughs and gives an indulgent lushness to a grove of cherry blossoms. Among the show's photograhps, Trevor Brown's allow us to see Brooklyn's industial grit as an abstract saturation of color, pattern and texture, while Murray Melnich makes vintage images of the historic waterfront. And lest we take ourselves too seriously, loose, playful figures like Max Hillman's impatient train passengers or Bill Ades' leopard print-wearing dog on the Coney Island Boardwalk remind us that art can and should be fun.

To look back at the exhibition, you can now read the show booklet as a PDF here.

Left to Right: Lulu's Delicatessen by Jonas Mlenak, Under the Rails by Trevor Brown, and View form the hill by Richard Lubell

Inaugural Exhibition: Works by Brooklyn Artists

January 18-March 22

Z Space Gallery at Zelda’s Art World proudly presented its inaugural exhibition of works by Brooklyn artists featuring over 30 local artists. It served as a snapshot of the artistic expression happening in our borough, a cross section of the varied meda, styles and cultural influences that local artists are using these days.

The many media represented in this eclectic collection included oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, screenprinting, wood-cut printing, pen and ink, drawing on paper, collage and assemblage, and photography.

Our thanks to the many hundreds of Brooklyn art lovers who came to see our first show. we hope you continue to come to Z Space for the best in local Brooklyn art.

Read the show booklet as a PDF here.

Left to right: The Big Tomato by Esti Kiss, Reclining Nude by Max Hillman,

Yerushalayim by Sarah Nussbaum