Chemical Rain (top) and Dirty Puerto Rican Son (bottom), photographs, 13x20

Trevor Brown

Trevor is back in this exhibition with more amazing pieces, and this time they're facemounted to acrylic and hung from hidden backframes that allow the images to float away from the wall. We chose them to be the first thing you see when you enter the space for good reason.

Artist Statement

My work strips the familiarity from the everyday, challenging the things we take for granted and elevating the often overlooked. The work’s visual depth conjures an almost tactile sensation with its richness of color; depth of dark to light; and shades of yellow, browns and greens. By using the camera lens instead of a paintbrush, I create works that rival paintings with their stunning palette of colors, textures and shapes. The resulting series of photographs are both intimate and alien—close-ups of urban minutia which the incurious passerby might miss.

I am a self-defined iconoclast and have a non-traditional approach to my work and the world. My work is known to transcend its medium with intimate moments of industrial decay; rust stained girders are vividly captured and mounted on cleanengineered surfaces. The dichotomy of subject versus material; mirror our present pop culture with poetic silence.


Trevor Brown has exhibited his work in Brooklyn at Classon Walls, the Rising Art Gallery, 440 Gallery, Myrtle Windows Gallery, Brooklyn Artist Gym, Monya Rowe Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum. He has been in two exhibitions curated by Laylah Amatullah Barryn, one of which included work by Danny Simmons. His work has also been featured in publications including Studio Visit, The New York Times, My Little India, Brooklyn Rises and Inciativa Colectiva. He was featured in a New York Moment by WNYC Radio.

January 2011, Trevor had five pieces at MoCADA for the Re-Imagining Haiti: Le Projek Noveau Exhibition. Trevor debuted in Chelsea in February 2011 at Russell, Reverend “Run” & Danny Simmons’s Rush Arts Gallery. Trevor made his international art debut in Bologna Italy in the Bologna Arte Fiera in March of 2011. He attended Ithaca College and the Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS of the Performing Arts.

for more about Trevor Brown, visit his Website.