Twin Towers, photograph, 12x17

Coming into Brooklyn, photograph, 16x20

Mel Levine

Artist Statement and Biography

There came a moment in time in August 1942 when another citizen was born in Brooklyn. On August 27, 1942 I officially became a Brooklynite. My life has been a Good One. I grew up in Flatbush ~ Avenue R and East 13th Street. After attending James Madison High School I worked on Wall Street and attended Long Island University. While attending college President Johnson activated the draft. After receiving a letter from Uncle Sam saying "I Want You!", I enlisted in the Navy and served two years aboard the carrier USS ENTERPRISE off the coast of Vietnam. While on the ship I became friendly with some of the men in the Photo Unit of the ship and really got hooked on photography. After my active duty I had four years of reserve duty to fulfill. I served at Floyd Bennet Field in the Photo unit.

At the time I got a job as assistant Medical Photographer at Kingsbrook Medical Center in Brooklyn. I worked there for seven years. From there I was fortunate to get a job with Time-Life Inc in their Photo Lab. Then in their Photo Stock room where I took care of and handled all their photo equipment, dealing with all the photographers like Carl Mydans, Alfred Eisenstadt, Co Rentmeester, George Silk, Ralph Morse, Gjon Mili, Dimitri Kessel, Harry Benson, and the Sports Illustrated photographers Walter Iooss, John Iacono, Bill Frake and many more. While working at Time Inc and Sports Illustrated for the past 3l years I was able to photograph many interesting events and a couple of Presidents and dignitaries.

I have also photographed the New York Marathon for quite a few years. My favorite shot is the one from the top of the Verrazano Bridge which was photographed on November 1983. Since the occurrence of 9-11, the government will not allow anyone to go to the top of the bridge, so I feel fortunate to have been able to make this photograph.

I retired from Sports Illustrated on December 31, 2008 after 31 years of good times. I still do photography of various events, but mainly I love photographing my Grandchildren. It is a great feeling.

Mel Levine