About Z Space Gallery

In the Fall of 2009, Zelda’s Art World began a cultural experiment. What if a gallery space were built in the middle of Brooklyn, far from the City’s art centers of Chelsea, Soho and Williamsburg?

We knew that the artists who bought our art supplies and had their works framed by us lacked a neighborhood venue to show their talent, and that the area’s art collectors had a considerable commute to find existing gallery spaces. It became obvious that artists here were deserving of wider recognition and that the Southern half of Brooklyn needed a place to find and support these artists.

Already, the results of this experiment have been richly rewarding, as the area’s artists have shared with us their stories, their enthusiasm and their irrepressibly positive outlook. For years now we have been meeting and interacting with local artists. This comes naturally to us as we are all artists ourselves. It is with great honor that we share the wide scope of their work with you in this exhibition space.

We began in January of 2010 with an exhibition that included one piece from our initial group of artists as a way to introduce them, that first show serving as the cornerstone of great partnerships with these artists that will, in turn, be the basis of future shows that focus on a particular creator, subject matter, medium, culture, etc. It's our hope that Z Space becomes the conduit by which these artists are rewarded for their talents and through which the art patrons of Brooklyn can participate fully in the creative process.

See you at the gallery!

Zelda Weiss, Irvin Stafford, Jack Franco Co-Directors Z Space Gallery

Read the coverage of our opening exhibition in the New York Daily News here.